User Groups

NCSITE supports five user groups that hold regular forums and meetings to discuss topics, innovations, and issues pertinent to their fields of expertise.  The user group help practitioners hone their technical skills and support research efforts for the State and ITE. The leaders of each NCSITE user group can be reached by email using the email noted +

NCSITE Members can join the User Groups mailing list through your profile. Non-members should go to the Email Subscription page to join.


The SimCap User Group provides a forum and community for transportation analysts to address modeling questions related to various levels of capacity analysis software. The group covers deterministic (equation-based) models such as HCS2000 or aaSIDRA, microsimulation models such as VISSIM or CORSIM, mesoscopic models such as DTALite or DynusT, and hybrid models such as Synchro/SimTraffic. All models have in common that they are trying to predict the operational performance of a transportation system and are used for Levels-of-Service analyses and planning purposes.

The SimCap User Group typically hosts two to three events throughout the year.

SimCap User Group Leads

Bradley Reynolds / Soheil Sajjadi
WSP / Arcadis
Raleigh NC / Raleigh NC
919-836-4040 / 919-520-6577
[email protected]


The NEPA User Group is intended to create a forum for transportation professionals that are practitioners of, or interested in, the implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The group facilitates NEPA-related information sharing and advancement of the profession, specific to the practice of transportation. The group’s mission includes conducting informational sessions, identifying and communicating training opportunities, and facilitating the distribution of information regarding new NCDOT procedures and guidelines.

The NEPA User Group is led by a volunteer Steering Committee, whose current members represent various private planning/engineering firms, the NCDOT Project Development and Environmental Analysis Unit, Federal Highway Administration, NCDOT Aviation, MPOs, and NCCDOT Divisions.

The group meets roughly once every two months.

NEPA User Group Lead

Steve Brown
Raleigh NC
[email protected]


The Signal Systems User Group provides a forum for transportation professionals from a wide array of backgrounds from field applications to signal design. Participants actively participate in this group through forums intended to provide information on standards and practices that are being used across the State of North Carolina while also providing a forum for public and private agency representatives to actively communicate their needs.

The Signal Systems User Group typically hosts two events throughout the year offering 2 to 3 PDHs.

SSUG lead

Kevin Baumann
Raleigh NC
[email protected]


The Bicycle/Pedestrian User Group seeks to support and develop active transportation engineering and planning in North Carolina and beyond. BPUG’s primary objectives are to facilitate professional development, foster internal and external relationships, and advocate for bicycling and walking as legitimate modes of transportation. Hot topics at BPUG events might include separated bikeway design, bike share planning and implementation, and bicycle/pedestrian counting, forecasting, and analysis. Join BPUG’s mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming events and learn more about ways to get involved.

Bike/Ped user group leads

Trung Vo / Caitlin Tobin
City of Raleigh DOT / Kittelson
Raleigh NC / Charlotte NC
919-996-2476 / 609-472-0378
[email protected]


The ITS User Group is to promote collaboration and support for the transportation professionals within the realm of systems and operations. The ITSUG’s primary goals are education of current national and state initiatives, facilitate information sharing, and promote professional development. Some of the hot topics in and around ITS include Smart Cities, connected and automated vehicles (CAV), transportation system management and operations (TSMO), and big data/performance measures.

The group typically hosts two events throughout the year.


ITS user group lead

Kenneth Smith
Raleigh NC
[email protected]


The Safety User Group promotes education and awareness to transportation professionals on the latest strategies for improving safety. The group’s primary goals are education of current national and state initiatives, facilitate information sharing, advocate for policies and practices that improve transportation safety in North Carolina and promote professional development.

The group will typically host one to two events a year.

safety user group lead

Sravya Suryadevara, PE
Raleigh NC
[email protected]