The NCSITE scholarship program was established to attract students into the transportation profession and to assist qualified students interested in transportation in pursuing their academic careers. A three-tier program of scholarship was developed to support students at different levels in their academic career:

  • Four $1,500 Tier I scholarships are intended to attract students in to the profession and will be awarded to students who have completed at least one semester of study and participated in an introduction to Engineering course.

  • Two $3,000 Tier II scholarships intended to encourage students to continue their study in the field of transportation. These scholarships are typically awarded to students at the undergraduate level who have taken some transportation courses or have work experience in the field of transportation and are on a path to make transportation a career.

  • Two $3,000 Tier III scholarships intended to reward a graduate-level student who has taken significant coursework in the field of transportation and is seeking a graduate degree specializing in the field of transportation.

The Section has adopted the practice of naming scholarships for distinguished members of the Section or for those who have passed before us. Learn more about our scholarships and this year’s recipients in the descriptions below.


The Legacy Fund is intended to provide a continuous and stable source of funding for the Student Scholarship Program, the goal of which is to attract, retain, and develop the most talented students into transportation professionals.

For more information, see Section VIII.D.2 in the NCSITE Operations Manual.