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Announcing the Nominees for 2021 NCSITE Board

Oct. 29, 2020

Hi Members!

As stipulated in our Bylaws, it is the responsibility of the Secretary to notify each Member of the Section of the list of candidates nominated by the Nomination Committee. Additional nominations for any of the elected offices may be made by petition signed by not less than five Members (as per the position requirements) in good standing.  Each such petition shall be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee to run for the office and serve if elected.  Petitions must be received by the Secretary at least 10 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  If no additional nominations are received by the aforementioned date, unopposed candidates shall be considered elected by unanimous vote, typically represented by consent of the membership attending the Annual Meeting.  Otherwise, online voting shall be conducted for positions where there is more than one eligible nominated candidate.

Here are the proposed nominations from the Nominations Committee:

President: Joe Hummer
Vice-President:  Stephen Bolt
Secretary: Sarah Wicklund
SIC Chair: Adam Fischer
TEC Chair: Sravya Suryadevara



Stephen Bolt
NCSITE Secretary