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NCSITE no longer offers Affiliate Memberships. This is the result of changes at the ITE International level. If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact the Membership Chair.

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As a member of NCSITE, you join a dynamic, interactive group of more than 600 state and 15,000 international transportation professionals dedicated to solving today’s transportation challenges.

More than 500 persons from virtually every type of transportation engineering and planning related background are members of NCSITE. Members are employed by federal, state, and local governments, as well as by private enterprises. In addition, college students enrolled in transportation-related courses are encouraged to join NCSITE.

In NCSITE, members have the opportunity to:

  • Join any of the various councils, committees, and special user groups and become active participants in the transportation profession.

  • Meet people interested in and involved in transportation activities at the technical and professional level.

  • Attend training courses and seminars sponsored by the Section.

  • Receive newsletters which provide current information about NCSITE and events pertinent to the field.

  • Attend the Mid-Year and annual NCSITE meeting which consists of a business meeting with the election of officers, a banquet, various technical sessions, and demonstration.

  • Attend local meetings which are held in various parts of the state during the year.

  • Be represented in state and local matters which affect transportation through NCSITE and the organizations it supports and participates in.

  • Develop careers through association with members of the transportation profession

As a member of ITE International, you will be able to take advantage of ITE’s industry resources, professional development, networking and leadership opportunities in order to your skill set, and more importantly, your career. ITE resources include the ITE Journal monthly magazine, the peer-reviewed Journal of Transportation of the ITE, the monthly ITE e-newsletter, the ITE Community professional networking site, the ITE Bookstore, the “Members Only” section of the ITE website, and the ITE Employment Center. ITE also offers a broad range of continuing education and professional development activities online and at both its annual Technical Conference and Annual Meeting.