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The Strategic Initiatives Council serves the NCSITE Membership by focusing on topics such as Leadership Development, Legislative Issues, Public Education, and Strategic Planning initiatives. The Council’s activities are designed to foster leadership development, soft skill training, transportation professional advocacy, networking, communications, and activities to identify and address strategic and emerging issues for the transportation profession. The size of the Council is kept small to ensure robust discussions among Council members who serve at senior management levels of their respective organizations.

2020 SIC meetings are called at the discretion of the Chair.


Ed Johnson, PE
Cary, NC
[email protected]

SIC membership by invite or appointment by Chair or President


The Transportation Planning Council (TPC) is focused on on promoting professional development and providing fellowship and networking opportunities for our membership and for members of the North Carolina transportation engineering and planning community. We also seek ways to offer our student chapter members mentoring opportunities, educational outreach, and outlets for their research.

The Transportation Planning Council (TPC) meets each month to develop and conduct a planning-related program for the year. The TPC promotes NCSITE in the planning community through workshops, meetings, and luncheons.

2020 GOALS

  • Hold TPC meetings each month with a Social Hour following the meeting or technical presentation offered;

  • Support each of the student chapters and their efforts;

  • Organize and sponsor several Triangle- and Charlotte-area educational luncheons;

  • Organize and sponsor a Triangle-area mobile tour;

  • Engage members from across the state to participate in TPC activities;

  • Schedule, conduct, and develop the technical agenda for the NCSITE Mid-Year meeting;

  • Develop the planning track of the Annual Meeting and provide support to the Traffic Engineering Council

  • Hold at least one joint TPC-TEC organizational meeting and social event; and

  • Promote and develop the NEPA and Bike/Ped Users Groups.

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2020 TPC meetings will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month, either during lunch or after work hours. Afterwards, the Council invites attendees and all NCSite members to a post-meeting social. Please see the Events page to confirm monthly details, or subscribe to the TPC email list for meeting announcements.


Lauren Triebert


The NCSITE Traffic Engineering Council (TEC) is focused on developing traffic engineering-related training, technical support to transportation related policies, and networking opportunities for NCSITE members and members of the North Carolina transportation community. Some major initiatives include:

  • Schedule and conduct local meetings in coordination with the Local Meetings Committee;

  • Sponsor the Eat ‘n’ Educate series;

  • Support current TEC User Groups (ITS/Tolls, Signal System, and Simulation/Capacity);

  • Coordinate and conduct the Annual Meeting and technical sessions;

  • Support and initiate task forces as needs are identified;

  • Sponsor papers and other technical articles and presentations; and

  • Provide community service and networking opportunities within the transportation engineering community.

2019 TEC meetings will be held the fourth Tuesday or Thursday of each month at varying locations either during lunch or after work hours. The meeting typically includes a short technical presentations (0.5 PDHs) and attendees are provided a light lunch/snack. Please see the Events page to confirm monthly details, or subscribe to the TEC email list for meeting announcements.


The Traffic Engineering Council (TEC) Chair holds monthly meetings with an organizational team to plan events throughout the year. The TEC promotes NCSITE in the engineering community through technical training opportunities, seminars, and task forces. The goals for the year include the following:

  • Host Local Meetings to provide more outreach opportunities;

  • Stimulate attendance at monthly TEC meetings through the initiation of brief technical presentations at each meeting, and by varying the venue to attract more members;

  • Promote User Group activities, technical meetings, and task forces;

  • Continue the Eat ‘n’ Educate series to help foster task force ideas, educational/informational opportunities, and networking; and

  • Develop the Traffic Engineering track of the Annual Meeting and support the organizational effort for the meeting through the Annual Meeting Committee.


  • ITS/Tolls User Group

  • Signal Systems User Group

  • Simulation and Capacity Analysis (SimCap) User Group

Sravya Suryadevara


Sravya Suryadevara, PE
Raleigh, NC
[email protected]


The primary responsibility of the Consultant/Vendor Council seeks to coordinate the private consulting and supply community with the mission and goals of NCSITE. The Consultant/Vendor Council provides support for the meetings and seminars in partnership with the other three NCSITE councils. This support ranges from scheduling vendors to show their innovative products and cutting edge technologies and consultants to present on showcase projects and experiences to setting up and facilitating exhibit halls at meetings and seminars. The Consultant/Vendor Council is also responsible for sponsorships at all meetings and the annual banquet and raising funds for the scholarship program.

Other specific goals of the Consultant/Vendor Council are to:

  • Provide training opportunities for members;

  • Promote vendors and their products to the membership;

  • Increase vendor membership (via corporate memberships);

  • Serve as a resource to other councils; and

  • Increase vendor involvement and visibility.


The Consultant/Vendor Council (CVC) Chair strives to involve product vendors and transportation engineering and planning consultants more often in NCSITE activities. The CVC increases the exposure of consultants and vendors to the membership and provides opportunities for them to sponsor events, thus promoting activities that are mutually beneficial to the membership and the sponsoring companies. The CVC also works to provide training opportunities while promoting vendors and their products to the membership. The CVC is the driving force behind scholarship fundraising. The goals for the year include the following:

  • Assist with local meetings throughout the year;

  • Provide sponsorships for the Mid-year Meeting and promote scholarship fundraising activities (includes golf tournament);

  • Provide sponsorships for the Annual Meeting (includes vendor expo); and

  • Increase vendor involvement and visibility.

2020 CVC meetings are called at the discretion of the Chair as needed. Subscribe to the CVC email list for meeting announcements.


Peter Kurtz, PE

Quality Counts
Charlotte NC
[email protected]

Young Members

The Young Member Council (YMC) provides opportunities for young professionals to engage in NCSITE through professional development, fellowship, and student outreach.  The YMC holds regular meetings, social outings, and joint meetings with other NCSITE councils.  The core goal of the YMC is to be a home for new transportation professionals and to provide opportunities to explore NCSITE's various committees and events in a welcoming environment.  Each year, the YMC organizes events with NCSITE's student chapters and engages student members in a dedicated session at the Annual Meeting.



Kristina Whitfield, PE
Kimley-Horn and Associates
Raleigh, NC
[email protected]