NCSITE/ITE International Member


NOTE: Make sure to log in before going to the Membership page to renew.

A person holding the grade of Member or Fellow in good standing with the international Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). Members are permitted to vote for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Section Director, and Council Director. International ITE members enjoy all NCSITE membership benefits.


NCSITE automatically enters all Member renewals based on updates from ITE International (last update 3/26/18).  ITE 2017 memberships expired January 31, 2018.


To join or renew your International ITE membership, visit their website.  NCSITE membership dues will be included in your registration with ITE.


If you are a Member who has recently joined ITE International, renewed your membership, or moved to North Carolina, send an email to our Membership Chair with your dues receipt so we can add or renew your membership in our database.