NCSITE is excited to continue our new sponsorship opportunities for 2018 with

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On behalf of NCSITE’s Board, Meeting Chairs, Operations Committee, and student members, we thank our sponsors for their continued financial support that make our events and scholarships possible!!

transmodeler sample

NCSITE, in partnership with the NCDOT Transportation Mobility and Safety Branch, offered eight introductory training classes in 2015 and 2016 for TransModeler and TransModeler SE.  There have been requests for additional training classes in 2018.  Two additional trainings have been scheduled and we have limited number of seats available.  This will be the same class that has been taught previously.  We are asking that each firm or municipality limit the number of attendees to two and let us know if you would like additional seats if they are available.

The Training will be for a total of 16 hours and will be held over three days with a half day on Tuesday afternoon, a full day on Wednesday and a half day Thursday morning.  The training will be taught by staff from Mott MacDonald and Patriot Transportation Engineering.  The class will be held at the NCDOT TM&S office in Garner and the cost for the training will be $550.  The training class will include up to 16 attendees, split between NCDOT and non-NCDOT (consultants & municipalities).

The training will be held on:

  • November 7th – 9th (Class will begin at 12:30PM on the 7th and end at Noon on the 9th)
  • December 4th – 6th (Class will begin at 12:30PM on the 4th and end at Noon on the 6th)