Young Professional Award

Recipient must be a Member or Affiliate of NCSITE , under the age of 35 years, who over their young professional career has contributed to the advancement of the transportation profession and the Section.

Recipients should exhibit such personal traits as integrity, honesty, professionalism and leadership. Individual professional accomplishments such as transportation innovations, technical research, paper writing, and NCSITE organizational work, including meeting participation and committee work, can be considered.

2017 Award Winner: Shannon Warchol, P.E.

Shannon Warchol used her experience and skills gained as president of the NCSU student chapter to become
an immediate contributor to NCSITE. She played a pivotal role in the development of the program for the TRB
Urban Streets Symposium, working closely with senior members of the executive committee to help develop
and execute the sessions for this meeting. Shannon currently works as research associate at the Institute for
Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) in Raleigh.

Congratulations Shannon and thanks for all your extraordinary work in hosting the 2017 TRB/NCSITE Urban Streets Symposium.


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