President’s Award

This Award recognizes a Member or Affiliate who has contributed to the advancement of the transportation profession and the North Carolina Section Institute of Transportation Engineers. The NCSITE President awards the outstanding individual that has provided them guidance, advice, assistance, and offered help in whatever capacity is needed. The recipient exhibits such personal traits as integrity, honesty, professionalism, excellent work ethic, dedication, and leadership.

2016 Award Winner: Rhett Fussell, P.E.

Todd Delk, 2016 NCSITE President, presented this year’s President’s Award during his address, with the following remarks:

For this year’s President’s Award, I decided to take a broader look and recognized someone who has made an organizational impact on NCSITE.  This person is the life of the NCSITE party.  From the time I started back with NCSITE in 2005, this person has been my partner in crime when it comes to making NCSITE funner.  His efforts as Midyear Meeting chair and as program coordinator for both Midyear and Annual Meetings have been invaluable.  

But more importantly, he has been an inspiration to me as a model of how to balance work and life, and how to not let one make you lose your identify in the other.  So in recognition of your service to NCSITE as our ever-present court jester, and to me as a colleague and sounding board, I present this year’s award to Rhett Fussell.

Congratulations to Rhett Fussell, P.E. of WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff  for receiving the NCSITE President’s Award for 2016.

Past Award Winners

2015 – Todd Delk, PE
2014 – Todd Brooks PE
2013 – Vivek Hariharan, PE
2012 – Jeff Dale, PE
2011 – Anthony Tagliaferri, PE
2010 – Will Letchworth, PE
2009 – Terry Hopkins, PE
2008 – Fred Burchett, PE
2007 – Radha K. Swayampakala, PE
2006 – Rob Hume, PE
2005 – Calvin Leggett, PE & Richard Atkins, P.E
2004 – H.A. “Burt” Tasaico, P. E.
2003 – Terry Snow, PE
2002 – Richard Atkins, PE
2001 – Terry Snow, PE
2000 – Ken King
1999 – Jim Westmoreland, PE
1998 – Terry Hopkins, PE
1997 – Jim Westmoreland, PE
1996 – Stan Polanis, PE
1995 – Richard Atkins, PE
1994 – Tom Kendig, AICP
1993 – Terry Snow, PE
1992 – Raymond G. Welch
1991 – Barbara Mulkey, PE
1987 – D. Brent McKinney, PE