President’s Award

This Award recognizes a Member who has contributed to the advancement of the transportation profession and the North Carolina Section Institute of Transportation Engineers. The NCSITE President awards the outstanding individual that has provided them guidance, advice, assistance, and offered help in whatever capacity is needed. The recipient exhibits such personal traits as integrity, honesty, professionalism, excellent work ethic, dedication, and leadership.

2017 Award Winners: Christa Greene, PE, and Lisa Moon, PE

Christa Greene was recognized for her hard work and continued dedication to NCSITE. This year Christa served as co-chair of the TRB Urban Street Symposium, which was extremely successful as a direct result of her organization, her ability to muster assistance from NCSITE members, and her attention to detail. Christa was also a big help early in the year for the group (and especially the President) when they needed help after the departure of the executive assistant. She assisted with the budget and helped get the year off to a great start. We really can’t say enough about what Christa means to NCSITE!

Lisa Moon was recognized for her continued efforts in making NCSITE a great place to learn about transportation and be engaged with other professionals in the area. This year Lisa stepped in when membership chair Kara Peach took maternity leave. Instead of sitting back and being a caretaker, she organized an effort to reach out to “lost” members and update the membership database. Lisa has also played a crucial role every year at our annual meeting by her extraordinary efforts for our Silent Auction scholarship fundraiser. Each year Lisa constructs baskets for the auction that contain many popular items. The baskets usually have themes and include food, drink, recipes, fun ideas for activities, and tickets to other events. There are usually at least 5-6 of these baskets that she puts together on her own. Due to her contributions, she has raised hundreds of dollars for our scholarship fund over multiple years.

Congratulations to Christa (Stantec) and Lisa (DRMP) for your outstanding efforts and receiving well-deserved President’s Awards.

Past Award Winners

2016 – Rhett Fussell, PE
2015 – Todd Delk, PE
2014 – Todd Brooks PE
2013 – Vivek Hariharan, PE
2012 – Jeff Dale, PE
2011 – Anthony Tagliaferri, PE
2010 – Will Letchworth, PE
2009 – Terry Hopkins, PE
2008 – Fred Burchett, PE
2007 – Radha K. Swayampakala, PE
2006 – Rob Hume, PE
2005 – Calvin Leggett, PE & Richard Atkins, P.E
2004 – H.A. “Burt” Tasaico, P. E.
2003 – Terry Snow, PE
2002 – Richard Atkins, PE
2001 – Terry Snow, PE
2000 – Ken King
1999 – Jim Westmoreland, PE
1998 – Terry Hopkins, PE
1997 – Jim Westmoreland, PE
1996 – Stan Polanis, PE
1995 – Richard Atkins, PE
1994 – Tom Kendig, AICP
1993 – Terry Snow, PE
1992 – Raymond G. Welch
1991 – Barbara Mulkey, PE
1987 – D. Brent McKinney, PE