New Member Award

Recipient must be a new Member of NCSITE who has contributed substantially to the advancement of the Section through any of the following responsibilities, and not limited to: council/committee involvement, special projects, conference planning, meeting participation, and presentations at NCSITE-sponsored meetings.

A New Member should have less than five years of professional membership with our Section to qualify, and should represent the future leadership of NCSITE.

Recipients should exhibit a teamwork approach to their NCSITE responsibilities, excellent leadership and professionalism skills, integrity, a willingness to learn and an excitement for NCSITE activities and growth potential.

2018 Award Winner: Claudio Figueroa

Claudio Figueroa received numerous nominations for this award. He has been active with both the TPC and the TEC.    He was a member for  less than a year and wanted to get involved and volunteered for the Operations Chair position.  He returned the NCSITE newsletters back to weekly publications, he updates the NCSITE website, NCSITE calendar, and has set up registration pages through out the year for user group meetings and training sessions.  He is the social media chair for the International ITE TEC.  The Nomination said that his dedication to NCSITE is greatly appreciated and he is a crucial member of the NCSITE “behind the scenes crew”.  He handles traffic forecasting, traffic analyses and micosimulation with VHB’s Raleigh office.


Congratulations to Claudio for receiving the 2018 NCSITE New Member Award.


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