Jay Quinn Technical Excellence Award

Recipient must possess excellent technical knowledge that they share with NCSITE through presentations at sponsored meetings or training sessions, or through active participation in councils or committees, task forces, or work groups.

Recipient must have made a significant contribution to the Section, and is not required to be a Member or Affiliate of NCSITE to be recognized with this award.

2016 Award Winner:  Bowman Kelly, P.E.

Bowman Kelly has been a long-time member and contributor to the SimCap User Group. He has been very active with the Transportation Engineering Council. Bowman is revered as a quintessential engineer’s engineer. His demeanor is professional and respectful, and his review of work is unbiased and constructive. Bowman Kelly is a Transportation Engineer with the City of Raleigh.

17Quinn_KellyCongratulations to Bowman Kelly, P.E. of the City of Raleigh for receiving the 2016 NCSITE Jay Quinn Technical Excellence Award.


Mr. Jay Quinn was a highly respected vendor of traffic signal equipment who had a deep commitment for ITE. He was a pioneer in helping others get trained by personally conducting training classes before they were formally offered by ITE and others. He constantly tried to help others by helping them get connected with the right people, and he was viewed as a storehouse of technical information. For all these reasons, NCSITE presented Mr. Jay Quinn with the very first NCSITE Technical Excellence Award in 1992 and named this award in his honor. Prior to that, in 1969 he began his career with Southeastern Safety Supplies in Columbia SC. He served as the South Carolina ITE President in 1972. He was awarded the very prestigious Herman J. Hoose Award in 1973 by the Southern District ITE.

If anyone has a photo of Mr. Jay Quinn, or has additional biographical information that can be shared on this website, please notify the Chair of the Operations Committee.


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