NCSITE Young Member Committee Enhances Career Development and Student Outreach

NCSITE’s Young Member Committee (YMC) has been busy throughout the spring and into the summer, meeting with student chapters and holding casual evening socials.  There are also several upcoming Young Member Committee activites throughout the summer and fall – please encourage your up-and-coming engineers to attend!  If you would like to subscribe to the YMC email list, send an email to Andy Wagner at


YMC proceedings this spring began in early March with a personal budget management seminar hosted at the Raleigh office of Timmons Group (below, top left).  The seminar was once again led by Domenica Stuckey from Arbor Wealth Management.  Over lunch, YMC members learned about budget prioritization, evaluation, and planning strategies for their financial futures.


Later in March, the YMC visited the ITE student chapter at North Carolina A&T during their regular meeting on campus (below, top right).  YMC co-chairs Andy Wagner and Cliff Lawson spoke with students about their experiences as transportation professionals, from what shaped their interest in transportation to their thoughts on current transportation topics like autonomous vehicles and HOT lanes.  Later on in March, the YMC sponsored a social with the UNC Charlotte student chapter at the Flying Saucer near campus (below, bottom left).  Students, professors, and NCSITE professionals enjoyed an evening of great food, conversation, and networking.  Finally, as the spring semester was wrapping up in late April, the student chapter at NC State celebrated the end of classes with the YMC at La Stella Wood Fired on Hillsborough Street across from campus (below, bottom right).  Held in the restaurant’s loft area, students and local professionals shared appetizers and good conversation on the patio tables overlooking Hillsborough Street.  To mark the start of summer, the YMC held a social at Crank Arm Brewing in downtown Raleigh, joined by none other than past NCSITE president Mike Surasky.


On Thursday, July 19th, the YMC will be holding a meeting at Kimley-Horn’s downtown office with a special guest: NCSITE’s own Emily Blount.  The meeting will begin with project presentations from some of the YMC’s up-and-coming young engineers, followed by some of Emily’s favorite stories from her times in ITE and as an engineer.  If you are interested in attending, email Andy Wagner at the address above.


The YMC’s student chapter visits will resume in September with the return of the popular Transportation Mini Fair at NC State, to be held prior to the main Engineering Career Fair.  If your company or agency is interested in participating or you would like more information, email Andy at the address listed above.  YMC activities for the fall will culminate in the annual student/young member session at the NCSITE Annual Meeting on November 15th.


Financial Planning Seminar 3/20
Social w/UNCC 3/29
Meeting @ A&T 3/22
Social w/NCSU 4/27