ITE Membership Drive | Help NCSITE Win Big.

ITE’s membership campaign to add 500 new, fully paid ITE members extends from March 15th to July 21st. There are two contests as a part of this campaign: one at the Section level; and one at the individual level. Contest details are below:

Section Contest
• The three Sections with the largest percentage increase in new paid memberships will be the winners.
• Top three highlighted at Annual Meeting and in other ITE communications (Journal, Social Media, Spotlite).
• Financial incentive for section winners: 1st place = $2500, 2nd place = $1000, and 3rd place = $500.

Individual Contest
• Individuals will get credit for new, paid members when a new member joins and notes that a particular person recommended they join.
• The person who recommended the membership will receive a discount on an ITE webinar.
• The individual who signs up the most new, paid members will receive a complimentary registration to the 2018 ITE Annual Meeting and will be highlighted in ITE communications.

The contests are based on adding new, paid ITE members that sign up in this time period. ITE will count as a new member, individuals who have either never paid ITE dues or have not been a paid member since 12/31/2012.

If you are an affiliate member and have considered renewing as an International ITE member, now is the time! NCSITE will get credit for every new, paid member that signs up before July 21st.

From Student to Professional, ITE provides our members value and support throughout their careers. We help you create connections, keep you in the know, find solutions, grow in your career and make your voice heard. Join ITE today to be a part of our community of transportation professionals. ITE members use their ITE benefits to save lives, move people, enhance communities and grow the economy every day. Our community can benefit your community. Join Today!