Bill Gilmore, PE (HDR/ICA) / November 2, 2016

The following items may be of interest to our readers. NCSITE takes no official position on these articles or items; however, you are encouraged to read and stay abreast of what is taking place in our profession and discuss with your colleagues.


Statewide Initiatives for Transportation. A screen of upcoming statewide transportation ballots has yielded the following information related to bonds and sales taxes:

  • The City of Asheville bond referendum ($32 million) would finance projects to improve streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways and bus shelters.
  • The City of Goldsboro bond referendum ($7 million) would finance transportation improvements, including construction and repairing of sidewalks, streets, and streetscapes.
  • The City of Greensboro bond referendum ($28 million) would fund a variety of citywide transportation projects for transit, roads, bike and pedestrian services.
  • Mecklenburg County bond referendum ($148 million) would fund transit, road and bike and pedestrian services.
  • The Wake County referendum for a ½ cent sales tax ($2.4 billion for the first 10 years) would provide bus and bus rapid transit and implement commuter rail systems serving Wake County with connections to many adjacent counties.

Wake County Referendum proposes bold initiative. The November elections offer the Wake County voters an opportunity to approve a ½ cent sales tax to augment Wake County mobility. The plan expands transit services to include additional bus and bus rapid transit on exclusive and shared lanes, implementation of commuter rail that will connect the Capital urban center with the Research Triangle, RDU and the proposed Durham/Orange light rail system.


The plan for the system has support from a coalition of mayors, commissioners and other public entities, however; some opposition has surfaced and you can read more on this at the following hyperlink.

Wake Voters Cast Ballots on Public Transportation Referendum


Wake Transit

Looking Backward and Forward

Due to continued state and federal transportation funding shortfalls, many states have taken some action through increased gas taxes and user fees. North Carolina is continuing to address revenues through Representative John Torbett and the  House Select Committee on Strategic Transportation Planning and Long Term Funding Solutions. You can read and follow those actions in the following two hyperlinks.


Tax Justice Blog


NCDOT continues to manage flood related damage. Hurricane Matthew Hit NC Hard. The NCDOT has done an outstanding public service in response to wind, erosion and flooding after Matthew slammed Central and Eastern NC.

Hurricane Matthew Edition

NCDOT News Releases

The USDOT has offered some initial funds for the aftermath and you can read more here.