2017 Board Nominations

NCSITE Members and Affiliates,
As the end of the year approaches, it is time again for us to nominate new officers for the NCSITE Board of Directors. This year’s Nominating Committee presents the following Members and Affiliates for office in 2017:

If you wish to nominate additional persons for the offices which are open to election this year (as noted above), please submit a petition to me by mail or email on or before Friday, October 21st, signed by five Members along with the written consent of the nominee to run for office and serve if elected. If no additional nominations are received by this date, unopposed candidates shall be considered elected by unanimous vote at the Annual Meeting. If additional nominations are received, online voting will be conducted prior to the Annual Meeting for positions having more than one eligible nominated candidate.


Additionally, NCSITE would like to recognize the following members who continue to serve as committee chairs:
• Terry Hopkins – Mentoring
• Jeff Dale – Awards
• Elizabeth Scott – Operations
• Kara Peach – Membership
• Reuben Moore – Local Meetings


Stacie Phillips, PE
Secretary, Institute of Transportation Engineers – NC Section (NCSITE)