Call for NC Go! Advocates


NCSITE Members and Affiliates,

As you may know, NCSITE has been a continued partner and non-profit member of NC Go!, our State’s voice for transportation infrastructure and policy at the legislature.   The mission of NC Go! is to support efforts to improve transportation funding and improve the state’s transportation infrastructure.

I am writing today to ask that you sign up to become an NC Go! advocate for transportation infrastructure investment, in all modes.   Since 2001, NC Go! has been promoting the increased investment in transportation as a means to improve safety, reduce traffic congestion, improve mobility, create jobs and foster a better economic climate.  In doing so, we encourage transportation advocates to join together using our advocacy system to offer one combined statewide voice on transportation funding.

Joining the NC Go! advocacy network is FREE, simple to use and connects you directly to state and federal lawmakers.  By joining you’ll receive periodic news and updates, and when there is a legislative matter, you’ll receive an alert with a pre-written, customizable message which you can send in a few clicks.

After NC Go! recently presented to the House Select Committee on Strategic Transportation Planning and Long Term Funding Solutions, Chairman Rep. John Torbett pulled us aside to tell us how much he appreciates our advocacy on this issue.  In order to have a larger impact, we must grow this network – and you are an important part of that growth.

To join, just visit and complete the “Quick Sign Up” section.  Feel free to share with peers, employees and anyone that benefits from an increased investment in transportation funding.

Thanks for considering this call to advocacy,

Todd B. Delk, PE
2016 NCSITE President