FAQ: Post-Meeting Wrap-up for Event Chairs

So, you have held a WILDLY successful NCSITE event and everyone is on their way home.

So what do you do now to wrap everything up and, most importantly, get paid back for your expenses:


  1. Prior to your event, the Operations Chair should have provided you a registration list from NCSITE.org.  Use your sign-in sheet and that list to:
    • determine your attendance;
    • add any on-site registrations to the list; and
    • most importantly, figure out who did not pay their registration.
  2. If you were providing PDHs/CMs:
    • Scan the PDH/CM roster and send it to the NCSITE Secretary.
    • If you received hard copy surveys, use those to enter the responses into our online PDH survey form. Once you have done so, you can trash the hard copies.
  3. Download the NCSITE Event Financial Summary /Reimbursement Request spreadsheet (on the Resources page).  Use this sheet to submit your expenses and report attendance and on-site payments.
    • Make sure to include your address so the Treasurer know where to send the reimbursement check.
    • If you collected cash on-site, keep it, report it on the summary sheet, and count it against your reimbursement.  If you collected more cash than your need reimbursements, keep the cash and write NCSITE a check from your personal account for the money owed.  DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL!!!
    • Send the summary/reimbursement form with any receipts to NCSITE.  You can scan your receipts and email everything to the Treasurer and Executive Associate, or mail it and any checks to the address on the sheet.
  4. Write a post for the Involver blog providing a summary and photos from your event.


With that, your event chair duties will be considered complete!