Ideator & Instigator – NCSITE Make IT Funner Committee (2 positions)

Honey badger don’t care if you are Marvin & Kim, Rod & Tina, or Rob & EZ (even though he do like some Old Skool rap)…


“It takes two to make a thing¬†go right,

um, yeah,

It takes two to make a dream come true…”

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Did you say something about Katy Perry? You need not apply…

The Committee for People Who Want to Make NCSITE Funner and Other Good Things Like That (CFPWWTMNCSITEFAOGTLT) will be holding auditions and try outs for the positions of Ideator and Instigator on the evening of March 22, 2016, 6 pm, at Trophy Brewing on Morgan Street (not Maywood Dr., unless we change our minds).

Applicants should come prepared with a fun-filled portfolio (iPhone photo albums excepted), skits, and hollow leg to prove worthiness of positions.  Extra points awarded for paying the tab.

Please email the Committee to RSVP so they can save you a seat and a slot for your skit.