Happy NCSITE New Year!! – 2016 Renewal Updates


As you get back in the swing of things after the holiday break, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you want to participate in NCSITE in 2016.  But the thought that immediately comes to mind at this time of year is renewals.   So here are a couple quick notes to keep you up-to-date on the renewal schedule:


  1. 2016 DUES:  Last fall, the NCSITE Board approved a small hike in the Section dues from $35 to $40 annually.  The increase served two main purposes: to offset fees associated with more online transactions for renewals and registrations (~3-5% last year) and to allow NCSITE to continue to offer CM credits for planners.  Even at $40/year, NCSITE is a bargain compared to dues for other organizations!!
  2. MEMBERS:  If you are a full ITE and NCSITE member, the deadline for renewing your membership was December 31.  You can go online now at ITE.org to renew.  ITE failed to show the Section dues increase in their renewal process originally, but we are working with the folks in Washington DC to rectify this in a timely manner.  NOTE:  Members do not need to update their dues/subscriptions on NCSITE.org.  The Operations Committee will update those when ITE sends us the renewal list in January.
  3. AFFILIATES:  If you are a NCSITE Affiliate, the website has been updated and you can go ahead and renew your status for 2016.  You can also wait until notifications go out later in the year (typically February/March) to renew.
  4. 2015 DUES:  With the new website and its delayed roll-out, some Affiliates failed to renew their memberships last year.  If you forgot, no worries.  We will be excusing those who may have forgotten.  But for those Affiliates who attended the Mid-Year or Annual Meeting using the member price, you will be asked to pay your 2015 past dues in the renewal notifications we send out early this year.
  5. LIFE/PREPAID MEMBERS:  Finally, a reminder to Prepaid and Life members of ITE – these memberships for ITE International do not include Section or District dues.  Please renew your NCSITE status using the Affiliate option on the membership page to keep your dues up to date.


Unsure of your current status with NCSITE?  Log in to your NCSITE.org account and click “Subscriptions” to see your membership status.

As always, thanks for your dedication and commitment to NCSITE and let’s build on the past year’s accomplishments to make 2016 a banner year for the Section.