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Bill Gilmore, PE (HDR/ICA) / December 8, 2015

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Over the past months, much has taken place to shore up transportation funding in North Carolina. Passage of 2015-241 (the NC Budget) put North Carolina in much better position to improve safety and mobility. You can see it here: http://www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2015/Bills/House/PDF/H97v9.pdf.

At the federal level, President Obama signed a 5-year, $305 billion transportation bill for highways and transit ending numerous years of debate on this issue.  You can research more on this bill here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2353/actions. For North Carolina, this translates into about $400 million over the next five years.

Passage of the bill was the result of Congress working across the aisle and coming to a compromise.  Even so, there remains some disagreement with the bill.  For North Carolina, here’s how it settled out.

  • For the bill: Alma Adams; G.K. Butterfield, Jr.; Renee Elmers; Patrick McHenry; Mark Meadows; Robert Pittenger; David Price; David Rouzer.
  • Against the bill: Virginia Foxx; George Holding; Richard Hudson; Walter Jones, Jr.; Mark Walker

It is important that you consider contacting your representatives and senators to let them know your thoughts about their vote. Remember, your vote counts, but beyond votes a simple email in advance of the vote has real power.