Bylaw Amendments pass, 2016 Board will have new look

November 10, 2015


Last month, the NCSITE Board presented a number of amendments to the Bylaws for consideration and approval by the Members of the Section.  Voting ended Monday, November 9th and, as the table shows below, the changes were approved by a large margin of voter even though only a slight majority of Members cast their ballots. While Bylaws must be approved by 2/3 of a majority of Members in good standing, the updates had overwhelming support from Members, Affiliates, and Students.VoteTable

Based on the amendments, the following Members and Affiliates will serve as the NCSITE Board and officers in 2016:

  • President:  Todd Delk (City of Raleigh)
  • Past President/SDITE Representative:  Christa Greene (Stantec)
  • Vice President:  Mike Surasky (AMT Engineering)
  • Secretary:  Stacie Phillips (Kimley-Horn)
  • Treasurer:  Justin Carroll (STV)
  • Section Director – Members:  Sarah Wicklund (WSP/PB)
  • Section Director – Affiliates:  Elise Groundwater (NCDOT)
  • Consultant/Vendor Chair:  Josh Hurst (Clark Nexsen)
  • Strategic Initiatives Chair:  Jim Trogdon (Atkins)
  • Transportation Planning Chair:  Eric Lamb (City of Raleigh)
  • Traffic Engineering Chair:  Matt Peach (AMT Engineering)
  • SDITE Section Representatives: Terry Arellano (NCDOT), Todd Brooks (Atkins)
  • Mentoring & Awards Committees Chair:  Terry Hopkins (NCDOT)
  • Operations Committee Chair:  Elizabeth Scott (STV)
  • Membership Committee Chair:  Kara Peach (VHB)
  • Local Meetings Committee Chair:  Reuben Moore (JM Teague Engineering)


Congratulations to our new Board members and good luck in 2016!