4 Important Announcements for Members/Affiliates

It is getting to the time of the year where NCSITE is busy on all fronts.  With that, please be aware on the following items and look for further communication on each subject.

  • Bylaw Amendments:  The Board has approved a number of amendments to the NCSITE Bylaws for consideration and approval by the Members and Affiliates of the Section.  Each member will receive an email with the link to the online survey/ballot to vote on the changes.  Please take time to review the changes and vote.  Bylaw amendments require an affirmative vote of two-thirds (67%) of a majority of eligible voters, so we need approximately 300 members to vote to have any action.
  • New Online Membership Platform: One feature of the new & improved website is a new Membership Platform to better manage payments and the membership database.  Within the next few days, you will  receive an email with your username and password giving you access to the Member Login area of the new website.  Please use the link provide in the email to open your NCSITE profile and take care of the following items:
    • All Members/Affiliates/Students:  Review and update the information in your profile.  Also check to make sure your Membership status is correct.  If it is not, please contact the Vice President for resolution.
    • NCSITE Affiliates:  In addition, please pay your 2015 dues so that you can keep your membership active and get your discounted Annual Meeting registration.  The Board would like to extend our utmost appreciation in your patience as we have worked to improve the website and our services to the Affiliates.
  • Annual Meeting Registration/Sponsorships: The final piece of the new website roll-out will be the new platform for events.  This will happen next week, tentatively Wednesday October 14, with the Annual Meeting registration pages.  At that time we will send out a message that registration and sponsorship payment system is open.
    • Please make sure Thursday, November 12, 2015, is saved on your calendar to attend the Annual Meeting.
  • 2016 NCSITE Board Nominations:  Two slates of candidates for the 2016 NCSITE Board of Directors were posted earlier today on the NCSITE Involver blog.  Please review the nominations.  If you wish to nominate additional persons for any office, please submit a petition to the Secretary  by mail or email on or before Friday, October 23th, signed by five Members along with the written consent of the nominee to run for office and serve if elected.


Thank you for your time and consideration of these important issue and feel free to contact Todd Delk with any questions or concerns.