NCSITE NEXT: Improving Section Operations to Better Serve NCSITE Members

Welcome to NCSITE NEXT, a new column in the Involver that will update members on changes the Section Board has been working on to improve both the inner workings of the organization and the services we provide.

First, over the past year, you have probably noticed that we have updated how NCSITE handles the administration of our continuing professional competency (CPC) program through the NC Board of Engineers and Surveyors.  In order to simplify certification, record keeping, and documentation, all engineering PDH and planning CM requests should now submitted using an Adobe PDF form to ensure we have all the relevant information needed.  Requestors can simply fill out the form and hit the “Send by Email” button and all the information is sent directly to the NCSITE Secretary for review and to produce the forms needed for each training session.  In addition, efforts by the Section and NCBES have reduced the amount of paperwork needed for record keeping.  Primarily, NCBES now only requires one survey form per event, instead of one per session.  The survey form has been shortened and will now be produced by NCSITE rather than by the licensing board.  NCSITE has also developed an online version of the survey form that can accessed at and via a QR code provided at the end of presentations and on the PDH Record Forms.  In order to help us save paper and reduce printing costs, please consider using the online survey form rather than paper copies.

In other news, the NCSITE Board has recently approved updates to the Section Operations Manual in March.  The updated Manual includes a number of changes including:

  • The Administrative Council has been renamed the Strategic Initiatives Council to reflect their increasing activities focused on policy and leadership development.
  • The Annual and Mid-Year Meeting Organizing Committees have been added to the Manual.
  • Meeting policies have updated to clarify registration issues for Retired, Life, and Honorary Members.
  • The Scholarship section has been updated to reflect new scholarships and increased monetary levels.

If you have ideas on how to improve NCSITE operations, send an email to and the Board will consider your suggestion.