Board Considering Bylaw Changes to Implement Reorganization Concept

In reviewing the Operations Manual, the NCSITE Board of Directors is considering reorganizing the leadership structure for the Section.  The effort is aimed at better distributing the duties among the officers, providing more clarity in leadership, expanding leadership opportunities for affiliates, and reducing overall lengths of service.

The proposed reorganization is shown below.


The key changes in the Board structure include:

  • The Vice President takes on the responsibilities of the eliminated Council Director.   The duties delegated to the Vice President in the past have been minimal to allow the position to focus on planning for the following year’s initiatives.  The nature of the Board today is much more collaborative in charting the course of the Section.  Therefore, in order to establish better coordination between Council objectives and the overall direction of the Board, the duties of Council Director would fall to the Vice President directly, rather than through the supervision of the position.
  • Council Chairs become voting members of the Board.  For the past decade, the majority of the Section’s activities and efforts take place in the four councils and under the direction of the Council Chairs.  The new organization recognizes the importance of those Chairs and increases their voice from that of the Council Director to all four Chairs.
  • The Strategic Initiatives Council (SIC; formerly Administrative Council) reports directly to the President.  With consultation from the entire Board of Directors, major policy initiatives should be directed in tandem by the SIC Chair and the President of the Section, as the organization’s spokesperson.
  • A Membership Director and a single Affiliate Director serve as the Section Directors.  Currently, the Section Director serves as a representative of the Members and Affiliates and two Affiliate Directors as that of the Affiliates only. With the new shared leadership, one Director would represent the Members and one the Affiliates.  Two Affiliate Director positions were originally created to provide those members more than one singular vote on the board.  With the Council Chairs elevated to voting members, Affiliates will now have up to five potential votes of a total 11 on the Board.
  • The Section Directors, rather than the Secretary, are responsible for the Membership Committee.  The business and duties of the committee are logically assigned to direction of the officers in charge of representing Members and Affiliates.  The reassignment also helps lighten the load for the Secretary position.
  • The Past President serves as a SDITE representative for NCSITE.  The Past President would assume the role of one of the Section’s three representatives to SDITE Board.   The additional duties are not burdensome to the Past President position and the change recognizes the time demands placed on those serve the Section by reducing the number of years a member commits to serve the Board from six to five consecutive years upon being elected Vice President.

The Board discussed the proposal at its June and August meetings, and will vote shortly on submitting the proposed bylaws changes to the Section for a vote.  Input from the Members and Affiliates will be carefully considered as part of the discussion.  If the Board makes a resolution to support the changes, the members will be asked to vote on the necessary changes to the Bylaws this fall.  The Operations Manual will be updated accordingly at the end of the calendar year to reflect any changes approved by the membership.

Please send any comments, concerns, and questions to Vice President Todd Delk; the Board greatly appreciates your input.