2015 Year in Review: Contribution to Transportation Award Presentation

Many NCSITE members may recall that NC Representative William Brawley (District 103 Mecklenburg) was announced as the recipient of the NCSITE Contribution to Transportation Award at the Annual Meeting in November 2014. Representative Brawley was not able to attend the meeting and asked that the presentation be done at a later time. Through a joint effort between the Strategic Initiatives Council, the Awards Committee, as well as the President and Past President, we are happy to announce that the Contribution to Transportation Award was formally presented to Representative William Brawley on Friday, February 20th at 2:00 pm, at the law offices of Moore & Van Allen in uptown Charlotte. This very special and well-attended ceremony was a chance to honor and thank Representative Brawley for his efforts which have significantly impacted the way that transportation projects are funded.  The event also provided an opportunity for NCSITE to shine and demonstrate our commitment to transportation improvement initiatives across public and private partnerships.

As Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Transportation, Representative Brawley was the lead sponsor of HB 817 (Strategic Transportation Investments or STI), which is redefining project prioritization for NCDOT.  The STI establishes the Strategic Mobility Formula, a new way of allocating available revenues based on data-driven scoring and local input.  Representative Brawley is a commercial and real estate broker from Charlotte who spent two terms on the Matthews Town Council, and 11 years on the Mecklenburg Parks Commission.  He is serving his third term in the NC House representing Mecklenburg County, and he currently serves on ten committees. He is knowledgeable, an extremely effective legislator, and a friend of transportation.

Among the almost 60 attendees at the award ceremony were Secretary of Transportation Tony Tata, NC Board of Transportation Chairman Ned Curran, NCDOT Chief Engineer Mike Holder, NCDOT Division 10 Engineer Louis Mitchell, Charlotte Transportation Director Danny Pleasant, Charlotte Councilwoman Vi Lyles, and the Representative’s wife, Smokie Brawley.  In addition, Governor Pat McCrory recorded a video message that was played at the event.  Among his remarks, the Governor stated “This is the most sweeping change in North Carolina transportation funding in the last three decades. North Carolina citizens can be proud of the General Assembly, particularly of Representative Bill Brawley, my good friend, for all they did to make our transportation vision into a reality”.

McCrory video

Gov. McCrory congratulated the awardee by video

Many dedicated people both inside and outside of NCSITE worked very hard to organize this event and ensure that it went off without a hitch.  The Awards Committee would especially like to recognize Mother Nature for doling out 2 separate snow and ice events before and after the ceremony, but mercifully left February 20th clear, allowing for safe travel to the event. Terry Snow of the Strategic Initiatives Council provided valuable insight into how to organize and promote the event. Terry, along with NCSITE President Christa Greene, moderated the ceremony itself, introducing speakers, presenting the award to Rep. Brawley, and conveying the mission of NCSITE to the group. Terry Hopkins and Betsy Watson of the Awards Committee, along with Past President Terry Arellano, undertook the various and extensive logistical tasks in planning the event, and Tony Tagliaferri provided local assistance and Audio-Visual technical support.  Lisa Brockmeier with Volkert wrote and designed announcements and press releases before the event. Since the event, Lisa is finalizing the considerable effort of creating a commemorative booklet memorializing the ceremony with photographs and quotes provided by friends and colleagues of Representative Brawley. Once complete, this booklet will be available for viewing by NCSITE members on the website.

Congratulations to Representative William Brawley and everyone who made this event a success for NCSITE.